The Diet Free Solution® is a practical, holistic approach to lifelong weight management. The Groundbreaking new book, Healing The Hungry Self: The Diet Free Solution to Lifelong Weight Management provides principles and tools to alter the way you think about and deal with food. You'll stop the food-restricting, food-obsessing habits that cause you to gain weight. When you treat your body well by eating and exercising in moderation and including the foods you love without overdoing it, you're body will respond by shedding unwanted pounds-naturally. You can stop the unpleasant task of "whipping your body into shape" and let your body decide what it wants to weigh to be healthy and attractive. The book takes you step-by-step through the most important aspects of the healing process.

Healing the Hungry Self offers you the comprehensive Diet free Solution® approach. This book focuses on the whole self--physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. If you can learn new behaviors, manage your emotions, change negative beliefs, and honor your spirit, you can reshape your body into a healthy size and shape. The key is that the approach is doable. There are no special foods, rigid diets, pills, or exercise equipment. Instead you'll learn strategies on how to live with food again without gaining weight; alternatives to turning to food for comfort, companionship, or consolation; setting up a realistic exercise plan; developing body acceptance; and changing the negative beliefs and critical internal dialogue that pushes you to harm your body.

Whether you starve yourself to lose weight rapidly, binge uncontrollably on large amounts of food, purge to prevent weight gain, or graze constantly throughout the day, Diet Free Solution® can help. You can free yourself from the obsession with weight, shape and appearance once and for all-and reach your ideal weight.

Deirdra Price, Ph.D., President and C.E.O. of Diet Free Solution®, created this program to help women and men heal from the ravages of unhealthy eating behaviors and the weight-management problems that result from them. Dr. Price also provides workshops and seminars to hospitals, business, schools, universities, and professional and civic organizations nationwide. In her private practice, she has helped hundreds of individuals stop the compulsion that drives them to abuse food.