Starving to Lose Weight?
Eating All Day Long?
Turning to Food for Comfort and Relief?
Bingeing Uncontrollably?
Purging to Prevent Weight Gain?

If you answer "Yes" to any of the questions above, then The Diet Free Solution® audio tape is for you. This audio tape was specifically designed to help everyone who's tired of dieting failures and wants to permanently lose pounds and maintain a healthy weight. The Diet Free Solution® approach focuses on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues surrounding food. You'll understand not only how you use food but why you turn to it to cope with life's ups and downs. Whether you starve yourself, binge uncontrollably, purge to prevent weight gain, or graze all day long, this audio tape can help you free yourself from the obsession with food, weight, and body image.

You'll learn how to:

  • Break away from the diet mentality forever and still create a healthy, desirable weight
  • Develop a style of eating and exercise for the rest of your life without having to diet again
  • Stop turning to food for comfort, companionship, or consolation
  • Heal the underlying pain that drives food abuse
  • Permanently alter beliefs, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and therefore, weight
  • Transform body hate into healthy self-acceptance
  • Finally feel good about yourself

  • Deirdra Price, Ph.D., an expert in weight management and eating disorders, has created an inspiring, innovate audio tape that speaks to all women and men who want to heal from the ravages of unhealthy eating behaviors and the resulting weight-management problems.

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