Deirdra Price, Ph.D., author of Healing the Hungry Self, has created a health quiz for you to asses your struggles with food, weight, and body-image. The following signs are the ones most commonly reported. To determine the symptoms you're currently experiencing, check the ones that apply to you.

Do you:

If you checked three (3) or more symptoms, it's likely you're experiencing problems with food, weight, body-image, and self-acceptance. The more you check as true for you, the more serious the problems are and may indicate an eating disorder. If you are experiencing problems, seek help from a qualified mental health professional and/or physician who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders or weight-control problems.

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Note: This checklist is not intended to be used as a diagnostic measurement, but rather as an opportunity for self-awareness. You can use this list to gain more understanding to make necessary changes.